Thursday, 23 October 2014


One of those days when you cling back to the old classics: skinny bottoms, sweater snd boots, and "not so classic" faux fur vest.

Sorry for being not in the mood for more text, which no one reads anyway :).

fur vest - dorothy perkins via charity shop, jumper - via charity shop, cords - uniqlo, boots - asos


Sunday, 19 October 2014


Being too lazy is not my case, I think the problem is that my body cannot put up with the fact that I'm already in my mid twenties and the amount of work has increased since my school years. Probably, better said, it's the amount of time I spend on things I could have avoided not taking risks and imposing more responsibility on my restless head. But I take risks, I'm being straightforward, I'm being honest because I still live in my little utopia that I have in my inner world. Nonetheless, I perfectly understand that I cannot expect everyone to live the way I like, I cannot make everyone tell the truth, be honest, open and understanding. But I'm learning to accept.

I have even accepted the fact that my posts are not regular because it doesn't solely depend on me.

(sign that makes all the difference and creates atmosphere of the post)

trench coat - topshop, tee - m&s, jeans - topshop, snood - asos, shoes - cos

shoes - cos

belt - mulberry (via charity shop)


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Looks Purple, doesn't it?

The length of the day has dramatically changed since my last post and now my blog-life may appear darker than normal, but who cares, right? I don't miss natural sunlight, nor warm sunny days, nor summer pastime. I never miss any type of weather as far as I know, but I miss memories of how I felt when I was utterly happy. So as long as I can wear whatever I like and feel warm and comfortable, I'm fine with any weather, except for snow and below zero range. Believe me I'm fine.

That evening was quite rainy, so there you go, pictures with an umbrella and me, as follows.

coat - h&m, dress - cos, backpack - asos, shoes - river island

shoes - river island