Monday, 25 August 2014

Wool That Became Felt

Once it was a very good-looking sweater made of merino wool with rich texture and amazing pattern. But then I decided to wash it at a temperature of 40C as a cotton t-shirt...and it became so thick as a felt coat or hat. So it lost its texture and pattern and feel. But I still wear it and love it.

jumper - dagmar, dress - topshop, bag - the leather satchel, shoes - asos

shoes - asos


Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I've always noticed that blue and other cool shades greatly compliment my appearance. But my ultimate preference is grey's and black's. Simple black clothes can easily style up the whole look, building up the perfect frame for accessories, make-up and hair.

Funnily enough, we were able to take only five photos as the battery decided to die that very moment I got into a taste of posing. Shite. Most of the time I struggle finding good photos for the blog but this time the five photos have sufficed me quite well. It was an expected trip to Richmond again. We just left home for a walk and I was like "Why not go to Richmond on a bus?". I'm in love, like pretty much everyone, with the front 4 seats on the upper deck so I just wanted to spend 40 minutes on the bus street-gazing and feeling like a child on a pony ride. Last time I used the bus for Richmond was when mum came to see me and there was some road work on the way so it took us a good hour to get to the park including walking. But this time was so quick and easy - 20+ minutes at most. Lucky us.

jumper - zara, dress - asos, boots - asos, bag - the leather satchel, scarf - cos


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Rolling a Few Stones

A simple skirt in a bright colour makes all the outfit stand out. That's what I like about bold colours, they make statements. This one is no exception. Orangey zesty red with a drop of orange juice. Are you already thinking of Valentino red?

I must say that I'm no more on the hunt for a small black satchel - it's finally found. And pointy ankle boots please, yes please to finish up the whole look.

coat - mango, t-shirt - via charity shop, skirt - asos, shoes - asos

bag - the leather satchel company

shoes - asos


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Blurred Vision

Blurred blurred and hazy.
That day was cold with sneaky winds.
Rattling leaves and wounds sore.
You can judge by the photos below.

dress - h&m, kimono - m&s, shoes - new look


Sunday, 10 August 2014


MAC's Lady Danger made me actually feel like a dangerous lady wearing all black and heels. I get a strange little feeling of 70's vibes from the last few photos. Tennis court and jumper thrown on my shoulders make me think of 70's and I find it so fascinating as it's my favourite epoch even though I'm not a fan of vintage clothes and I don't usually rummage through piles of stuff in second-hand shops. But I still enjoy it from time to time.

jumper - whistles, blouse - uniqlo, skirt - miss selfridge, shoes - whistles

shoes - whistles


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Teal and Tie

That's definitely my favourite colour of all, to be more correct, I love blue and green, and teal is a perfect combination of both. Nothing else to say. Need to recharge my inner batteries.

blouse - jaeger, trousers - hobbs, tie - gift, bag - mango, shoes - have no idea