Friday, 27 June 2014


Geranium was everywhere in my childhood, a ubiquitous flower in schools and public places, but I can't remember having it at home though. Geranium growing outside is not what you commonly see in Russia, it's more of an indoor flower sitting in a pot on a window sill. I don't even know how exactly the flower looks but my memory keeps the smell of the leaves. So just a single sniff of them told me everything.

And cats, I had a chance to meet three cats, one of which is not present in the following photos because it was too busy playing with itself.

If you reach the last photo and see me standing next to a street lamp I must say, just so you know, it's merely for the sake of giving that mysterious feeling to my outfit. Why else would I wear a long black piece of fabric other than for this purpose - looking cool and mysterious?

dungarees - asos, wrap dress worn as a cardigan - uniqlo, shoes - unknown, bag - lakeland


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