Saturday, 28 December 2013

Quick update (info)

I turned out to be a bad blogger once again but despite the fact no one is really reading this blog I'd like to shed some light on my situation as I'm not ready to quit my attempts to blog regularly. For the last six month I've been having atopic dermatitis (inflamed skin condition) and struggling ever since. The main has been beaten and subsided after two weeks in a hospital but still some itching and redness remains. Up until now I've felt exhausted, sleepy from all my ever-changing medication and unattractive. The disease has made me even more closed than I usually am so it's kind of hard for me to share but I'll try my best when I'm fully recovered. No energy for anything at all. If anyone's interested...



  1. Oh my goodness! Sorry you've been so unwell, wishing you a speedy recovery xxx