Friday, 6 September 2013

Rocket Man

Hey! I've been away for a week but I'm back now still struggling with my allergy or something else, God knows what. This week seems to be pretty long, but it's finally Friday so we all can breathe easily again.

The following pictures are products of my amazing experience of being a part of the great show at London’s Palladium (2/09/13) when Elton John received his Brit Icon Award. The show felt quite private with an interview intertwined in between Elton's Songs. What I found to be the most special about the whole concert was attitude of this great artist to his audience which came out in respect to his fans, and even during small intermissions when Elton's make-up needed a touch-up he was improvising on the piano. He proved to be a master and professional once again. The show was recorded and will be broadcast on the television 13/09/13.

dress - kookai, jacket - zara, watch - casio, shoes - aldo


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