Saturday, 28 December 2013

Quick update (info)

I turned out to be a bad blogger once again but despite the fact no one is really reading this blog I'd like to shed some light on my situation as I'm not ready to quit my attempts to blog regularly. For the last six month I've been having atopic dermatitis (inflamed skin condition) and struggling ever since. The main has been beaten and subsided after two weeks in a hospital but still some itching and redness remains. Up until now I've felt exhausted, sleepy from all my ever-changing medication and unattractive. The disease has made me even more closed than I usually am so it's kind of hard for me to share but I'll try my best when I'm fully recovered. No energy for anything at all. If anyone's interested...


Friday, 6 September 2013

Rocket Man

Hey! I've been away for a week but I'm back now still struggling with my allergy or something else, God knows what. This week seems to be pretty long, but it's finally Friday so we all can breathe easily again.

The following pictures are products of my amazing experience of being a part of the great show at London’s Palladium (2/09/13) when Elton John received his Brit Icon Award. The show felt quite private with an interview intertwined in between Elton's Songs. What I found to be the most special about the whole concert was attitude of this great artist to his audience which came out in respect to his fans, and even during small intermissions when Elton's make-up needed a touch-up he was improvising on the piano. He proved to be a master and professional once again. The show was recorded and will be broadcast on the television 13/09/13.

dress - kookai, jacket - zara, watch - casio, shoes - aldo


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New in: Aldo shoes

Last Monday I got a hold of these Aldo shoes thinking to myself that I couldn't lose a chance of buying them when sale and 15% discount code both fell into place. Discount was due to bank holiday. Not much but better than nothing, plus it was free delivery on orders over £40. Well, hope to see them soon!

ESSI shoes |  ROSETTA shoes


Saturday, 24 August 2013

Can't Tell the Bottom From the Top

Going through the tough period of becoming somewhat earthy and grown-up. I've never been down to earth, always flying somewhere high and now it seems like I cannot go on like this anymore. So I've decided to share this song with you, it feels related to how I feel.

And some outfit photos taken more than a week ago. Shame on me. It's Autumn soon, so to say the least, there will be plenty of days to muffle in jackets, coats and scarves. I always tend to do it.

t-shirt - mango, jeans - vila, jacket - zara, watch - casio, scarf - zara, bag - massimo dutti, shoes - unknown brand


Thursday, 15 August 2013


Sometimes you just need to feel warm and cosy. Nothing too complex should get in the way. Jeans and nice cardigan can always help you out. Like this.

t-shirt - zara, jeans - vila, cardigan - h&m, watch - casio, bracelets - h&m, pia, bag - lakeland, shoes - newlook


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kind of a Suit

I've had these shorts long before I bought this jacket on Zara sale and I didn't actually know how to wear them. Luckily they (jacket and shorts) combined in some kind of an outfit matching each other even fabric- and texture-wise. Well, stripe shirt did all the rest job. Stripes always do the great job.

t-shirt - mango, shorts - vero moda very, jacket - zara, pouch bag - lakeland, shoes - whistles


Saturday, 10 August 2013


Cool weather is so good for me, jackets, jackets, jackets and maxi dresses.

jacket - zara, maxi dress - only, clutch - newlook, watch - casio, shoes - newlook


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Black... a bit

I don't go out a lot, my life's been pretty boring lately, my friends are faraway... but I'm truly happy when I have a chance to go somewhere. Well, dinner, okay. Here comes the chance to dress up.

Pink details just to see how it might look.

jacket - zara, boyfriend jeans - gap, scarf - zara, silver belt - pieces, watch - casio, bracelet - pia, laptop case worn as clutch - newlook, shoes 1 - newlook, shoes 2 - some spanish brand

Feeling quite sad, so here's two videos by Lizzy Grant better known as Lana Del Rey. Amazing live performances. *Heading off back to my blues*


Friday, 2 August 2013

Grey and Tiny Bits of Yellow

Grey column dress for warm lazy days in the moderate sun... yeah, I can only dream about. I desperately need a holiday. By the way I bought exactly the same dress in black colour yesterday. Never in my entire life have I possessed two same pieces of clothing... there must be something happening to me apart from my allergy outburst at the moment.

t-shirt - river island, dress - only, watch - casio, shoes - some spanish brand


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Best Sweater

I just can't stop wearing this sweater if temperature falls down below 18C. I literally enjoy it. So as it's cool and rainy enough I think it's time.

jumper - dagmar, boyfriend jeans - gap, silver belt - pieces, watch - e-bay, shoes - some spanish brand


Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Well, we all know that monochrome stripes are huge today and I must confess that I'm a huge fan of Asos. I definitely prefer online shopping to the ordinary way since it's so much easier. But I do both of them because obviously you can't buy everything online. So, I picked up a few of my favourite Asos pieces which are currently on sale. Clicking on image will lead you exactly to the item webpage.

Knitted Stripe Jumper with Button Shoulder Detail Vila Dress with Glitter Stripes
Boutique by Jaeger-Knitted Skirt in Stripe Just Female Long Sleeved Stripe Top
Mango V-Neck Stripe Jumper Mango Cotton Striped Blazer John Zack Midi Dress in Bandage Stripe ASOS T-Shirt in Stripe with Pocket Detail

Stripes have always been my preference. Good they're popular now. I'm not quite sure if I'm gonna buy anything as I'm pretty skint at the moment but I'll think about it.

Have a nice day!


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Grey As Cloudy Sky

It looks quite strange (wind in the room) but... I don't really care. It surely could have looked better with some green backdrop and flowers but instead I take pictures against this white door. Confidence, deign to come to me!

dress - asos (old), belt - asos, tote bag - vans, shoes - primark

Have a nice day!


Friday, 19 July 2013

Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Collection of Dior Fragrances

Over a year I've been having a crush on Dior perfumes which originates from my mum's Midnight Poison. Now I have three of Dior scents which totally cover up my needs for luxurious smells around my nose. It's just that I'm one of those annoying persons who can't stand any bad odours. I'm really in love with all of them even though sometimes I find it quite silly spending so much money on bottled liquid even with the NAME on it. But that's what you pay for pleasure and isn't it what you treat yourself for?

The centrepiece is this Miss Dior perfume. It's so sweet and mature and sultry and old. Truly intoxicating and very long-lasting - 2 days on clothes. Expensive.

Miss Dior

Hypnotic Poison

Midnight Poison

J'adore Shower Gel

The last is the gift from my brother. Somehow he knows what I like.

All of them are superb. Even though I often underrated the power of a good perfume I've come to realise that it's as important as good lingerie. You can't go wrong choosing the fragrance that truly suits you. Cherry on top of your cake.