Thursday, 19 January 2012

England (Part 1)

Hello my darling readers (if any - will I ever stop saying it? :))

I know it’s been a long long time since my last post – over a month now. We had Christmas and New Year. We had fun, enjoyed delicious meals, had pleasure talking to our loved ones and just spending time with them... but I didn’t share a single day with you (and my blog).

I haven’t updated regularly, no news, nothing at all.

It’s been really hard for me lately to like my job. I’ve always known very well what’s my cup of tea and now it’s really hard to make myself enjoy the things I never liked. But I need to stay cool and keep my emotions settled. I know everything will be better soon, I should be patient.

I had a lovely two-week holiday in England. Been to the UK before in 2009/2010 but the last holiday was much more so to say "intimate" without being on the go all day running around London in order to take as many pictures as my memory card can store, sticking to the itinerary to a t. Sometimes you just need to go with the flow – even for a day.

I had a lovely New Year’s Eve watching fireworks on TV in a pub in Windsor (sounds a bit boring probably). No rush. It was very very good actually. Oh and a Chinese restaurant before the pub. And a different pub before the Chinese restaurant :).

I bought quite a lot of new clothes on sale and other stuff which I will show you later. I love all of them.

So, some pictures now. The second part will come up soon. Hope you enjoy. Please comment if you feel like to, don’t be shy :).

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