Sunday, 16 October 2011

For those who love abstract photos

I enjoy photography. Despite the fact I'm not a professional I tend to make my photos look better than just occasional snapshots. Many people might think such photos are mainly useless and don't tell any story. But I think they can ring a tiny bell inside, especially the first one.

Hey, does anyone love marmite? :)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hello World!

Well, I've been thinking about starting a fashion blog for quite a long time. I can't say it's gonna be a real fashion blog, maybe a style one as I always try to interpret things I happen to see. I've always taken interest in art and fashion so this blog is most likely to become my place for sharing thoughts and ideas about everything that inspires me. Okay, let's just see what's gonna come out of this.

I think I should tell a few words about myself now. I'm currently a graduate student, studied biomedical engineering for five years. Sometimes it was good but most of time it was just exhausting and caused me so much depression and frustration. I'm happy it's over now. As for no now I have a job which gives much more free time to maintain blog, so I hope, I will enjoy it more with every day to come.